Privacy Policy

What makes BCN SL MinivanGrup and the information gathered? When you navigate through the content of our web site does not store personal information except to fill in any application and send it to us.

When booking a private transfer you need to spend a certain amount of information to third parties to assist them in completing the booking process. This information can include information such as your name, address and details of your credit card. We do not disclose more information than is strictly necessary to complete the process. Maintain information in our database along with details of your booking and will be used in relation to this and its directors and / or obtain professional advice. and Minivangrup BCN SL Use of the information you have provided to contact you regarding your shipment if necessary. can also use this information to contact reference to special promotions and offers from time to time. We also reserve the right to send selected information to trading partners to establish direct contact with you the information you provide us may be passed to companies not related to the world of travel.

If you prefer not to spend this information to any company except with relation to your booking or information request you must inform us:

Minivangrup BCN S.L.
C/Llull, 10-14 esc A, 4º 1ª
08005 Barcelona


+0034 93 611 64 39


+0034 93 221 21 36


When you visit our website via a link from another web page may store the name of that website for internal management purposes. Also, please note that any contact BCN SL Minivangrup online or by phone can be recorded and used for training and monitoring reasons.

Where is my information stored?
All personal information is securely stored in databases at secure addresses to prevent unauthorized access.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small files that are sent to your browser (eg Internet Explorer or Netscape) and stored on the hard drive of your computer. Only identify your computer and not you personally.

How to use and Minivangrup BCN SL these cookies?
We use cookies to measure Web site usage such as entry and exit points of visitors, how many people visit a particular section or page and details or searches performed and related information.

What about the companies linked on the website?
Teste website uses "HTML" in content and links for your own personal use and other companies with high credibility. These companies may store information about you to compile data on its users for statistical and / or complete any transaction that you may have made.

These companies operate on their own terms and conditions which you must respect. In their own interest must read these terms and conditions before buying look at their content or sale items. If your shopping habits and / or safety is concerned, you have the responsibility to become familiar with data protection and security systems of companies.


Minivangrup BCN SL and and assume no responsibility for the data passed to third parties relating to any purchase made through them. We do not sell or profit from any information that may be passed to third parties for use in relation to your business. We do not spend it without your permission. If you do not receive written notification or confirmation via e-mail, or MinivanGrup BCN SL assume your consent for the time, storage and distribution of data in this policy.